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    Support the bee population. Toss one of these seed bombs into your garden. Soon, you’ll have a garden full of beneficial flowers that attract bees! Bee Love Seed Bomb ($10 at Amenity Home via Best Green Products – … Continue reading


Build Your Own Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine | The Good Human

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The Zoetrope is a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) made from materials commonly found at your local hardware store and a few easily purchased online, and Applied Sciences has made the decision to “open source” the turbine for everyone who wants … Continue reading

Green Living Recycling | ThriftyFun

Donate Blankets To Vets Or Animal Shelters

You may be thinking about spring cleaning, and tossing towels and sheets that have seen better days. Take them to your local shelter. The staff and animals will be so grateful to have towels for after baths.

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Food for Tomato Plants

Keep chopped banana skins your refrigerator or freezer until there is enough to fill a blender 2/3 of the way. Add a cup of water and blend to a slurry. Place slurry into a normal sized bucket (9 litre) and fill half-way with water.

Use Old Catalogs As Mulch

Everyone complains about catalogs and how they clutter up their mail boxes. I say bring them on! I use them as mulch under my trees and bushes. In a dry country such as Australia, water conservation is priority.

Vinegar as a Fabric Softener

Don’t waste money on fabric softener! Use white vinegar instead. White vinegar is the best fabric softener you can buy and it’s so cheap. Just add half a cup to your final rinse and your washing will come out lovely, soft, and free of any soap residue.

Making Planters from Plastic Trash Cans

When the city converted to robot trash and recycle pick-up, I had five extra 32 gallon Rubbermaid trash cans. I have limited space for gardening, so I cut the bottom half of the trash cans off, drilled three holes (about 3/4 inch) on the bottom of the sides for drainage. I am now growing veggies in the large containers I created.

Now I have five top halves left over. Two of them I have started two compost piles (with lids) at the back of my yard. I turn the compost by simply picking up the plastic trash can upper, setting it down next to the pile, and forking the compost into it. I can turn the pile regularly with ease.

If you want to dress them up, you or your artistic kids (or grand-kids) can use some of that new Krylon spray paint that sticks to plastic. Perhaps camouflage them to blend in with the background. Use your imagination.

By Cebtoo from San Antonio, TX

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10 Ways to Green Your Home | LiveScience

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    You may not know it, but households across the globe are infested with vampires. Energy vampires, that is. Cleverly disguised as innocuous household appliances (psst, your television is one of them), their nasty pointed teeth plunge deep into … Continue reading


A Greenpeace activist checks a hot air ballon depicting the world in Yucatán, Mexico, ahead of the Cancún climate change talks. Photograph: Luis Perez/AFP/Getty Images Beating the rush for getting accreditation at the Cancún Messe convention centre, it felt strange … Continue reading

6 Holistic Flea Remedies For Dogs that Actually Work – Planet Green

holistic flea treatments

We’re in a battle. It’s me against the fleas. In South Carolina, the weather is mild much of the year, which is perfect for fleas. We never get a hard enough freeze to kill the fleas. As a result, we’re constantly battling itching pets, home infestations, and the tape worms associated with fleas. Among the worst states in the nation in terms of flea and tick issues are South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. The little critters thrive in the humid, moist climates of these Deep South states.

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I grew up raising chickens and rabbits, tending large vegetable patches and living in homes built by my father. Neither frugality nor the pursuit of self-sufficiency motivated my parents: they did what they did because they had a bit of … Continue reading


Green Living | Real Simple

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Green Living | Real Simple. How to Recycle Anything From basic recycling rules to clever ways to reuse everyday items, easy ways to help better the environment. Garage Organizing Checklist Clear clutter and create order in the garage in just … Continue reading


Seasonal energy savers

Seasonal energy savers Energy Saving Tips High humidity makes our bodies hold more heat. Try these tips to keep you and your home cool and comfortable in the summer: Perform activities such as mopping and washing dishes in the coolest … Continue reading