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Many of us with largish gardens are already using them for a supply of kindling and firewood for open fires and wood burners. But most gardeners could do a lot more to practise self-sufficiency in home-grown wood.

With the right kit – a chopper, a saw, a mechanical splitter – and a tree or two that has been suitably and safely felled, you can deal with large branches on site. The timber rounds can be swiftly split into firewood and a store of useful kindling.

Take the next logical step this winter and plant some trees for firewood. Choose fast-growing trees that produce quality wood for burning, such as ash, hawthorn, sycamore and alder. You’ll be surprised how quickly they fatten up into firewood.

And even if you don’t have a wood burner or garden firepit, why not offer your surplus wood to friends and neighbours – it might earn you some useful brownie points and it’s another way to reduce your own carbon footprint.

via Become self-sufficient in firewood – Telegraph.

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