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Make Money with Aluminum

By Harold Sink
One day I stopped to watch a scrimmage between two grade school teams, and my eyes grew big. They weren’t saving their cans. Phooey on them! I waited until they left and scored big with aluminum cans.

Okay, yes, so far it has been about aluminum cans, but let me give you some figures. My full bed pickup with un crushed aluminum cans came up to $50. Had I known where to look I could have made that in two hours. The fourth day I made $487 all in that days search. That was nearly nine pickup loads.

That night I had an epihany. The next day, I went around to homes in the area that were being built asking if they had any aluminum they wanted to get rid of. Well, most of those builders knew why I was asking, but they said come by near the end of their shifts. Now it is a law in this area not to dumpster dive, so I drove around apartments looking for anything metal lying beside the dumpsters. A few of those builders let me in on this and told me where I could sell the other metals.

Right now copper cannot be sold since there is a rise in theft of it across the nation.

Those old thresholds you are throwing away from your home.. they are aluminum. Some bathroom fixtures are aluminum. Check out aluminum parts on the internet and you will get an idea of how much money you can make. You


will be surprised. So far I have made nearly $1500.00 doing this.



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