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How to Treat Dog Skin Problems the Green Way Skip the pharmaceuticals and treat your pup naturally.

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Image by Rubber Slippers In Italy via Flickr

How to Treat Your Dog‘s Skin Problems the Eco-friendly Way:

By Sara Novak

Evaluate their diet first off. The skin issues in your pups can often be related to a weakened immunity in their system which can be easily treated with a some changes in their diet. Serve them an all natural brand of dog food, I would recommend Eagle Pack Holistic Select. It’s ingredients include organic quinoa and tons of good fruits and vegetables.

According to Whole Dog, for a topical treatment combine Colostrum with Oxy-Doc to form a paste and apply to sores once or twice a day. New findings show that a hearty dose of colostrum can also be beneficial to your pooch as it ages. Bovine colostrum is available in capsule form and can help your pet fight numerous ailments. Some holistic vets are calling it nature’s miracle. Learn more about colostrum.

Also try mixing ten drops of yellow dock extract with ten drops of Echinacea extract, dilute with four ounces of distilled water and apply. This is said to be a good topical anti-inch treatment to keep your pets from scratching all day and thereby making the skin problems worse.

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