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Online Cellphone Recycling Programs

Mobile Phone showing multimedia options

Image by johnmuk via Flickr

Nokia recycles your old phone at no charge

Cell phone and wireless phone recycling

Charitable Recycling
For every used cell phone received, a donation to a charity is made

Collective Good
Recycle your old mobile phones, pagers or PDAs in a responsible manner

Cell Phone Recycling
Comprehensive cell phone recycling database

Cell phone recycling program for environmentally minded fundraisers

Recycle My Cell Phone
Set up a cell phone recycling program in your community or workplace

GRC Recycling
Offers cell phone recycling programs for organizations of all types

Recycle Wireless Phones
Helps you locate a local donation center or mail-back programs
Recycling for Charities
Donate your old cell phone, PDA, digital camera or iPod to be recycled and benefit the charity of your choice