5 Common Household Items That Don’t Need Electricity

Use Calories Not Electricity

By Marye Audet

There are alternatives to electric appliances. When you choose to use non-electric items there are immediate benefits which include:

  • You automatically and easily shave a little off of the electric bill.
  • Non-electric items are generally less expensive than their electric counterparts.
  • You burn a few extra calories.
  • You gain independence.


5 Common Items That Don’t Need Electricity


  1. Wind up alarm clocks — Way better than the electric version. The alarms are generally metallic sounding and irritating. Best of all when the power goes out your alarm will still go off. This type of alarm clock does not tend to be expensive and has a nice ticking sound.
  2. Dover Beater, also called a Hand Beater— You can find these at antique shops, thrift shops, and flea markets as well as new. This was the cutting edge kitchen tool for decades. It mixes up cake batters, whips cream, creates mayonnaise, and anything else your hand mixer can do. These things last forever. The one I am using was a gift to my mother in 1936 or so.
  3. Hand Cranked Ice Cream Maker — Truly this is the crème de la crème of ice cream makers. I am not sure why but for some reason hand cranked ice cream has a better texture than its electronically created cousin.
  4. Food Mill —This is similar to a food processor. Depending on the exact model that you get a food mill is more easily controlled to get exactly the results you want. The top of the line food mills will do everything from grinding wheat berries to pureeing peas.
  5. Clothesline — I know, right? Everyone knows this. There is nothing like clothes that have been dried outside. They smell fresh, feel cleaner, and it really doesn’t take much longer once you get the “hang? of it. This is a significant savings, too.



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